Amount of storage space reserved for personal website (MyWeb) accounts


Each TTUS or TTU staff member, faculty member, and student is allocated 2 GB (two gigabytes) of space by TOSM for use with MyWeb. It is not possible to have the size limit increased.

To see how much space you are currently using, open your MyWeb folder. For those using Windows or Adobe Dreamweaver, it will display how much space you have used. For Mac users, it will display how much space is remaining.

The TLPDC may provide web space for TTU faculty members separate from the MyWeb space hosted by TOSM. Questions can be directed to the TLPDC.

TIP: Web space for official departmental sites have fewer restrictions than personal MyWeb sites. If you are using your MyWeb space for Texas Tech-related purposes, such as a departmental or a student organization, you may wish to request to request a departmental website or request an organizational website instead.