About the update to the Microsoft 365 sign-in experience on July 21, 2021


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.



In order to better protect our campus community and institutional data from the increasing number of cybercrime attempts, the TTU IT Division updated the sign-in experience for Microsoft 365 services, including https://microsoft365.com, https://outlook.com, and certain applications such as Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Previously, when accessing these pages, you were prompted by Microsoft to enter your email address. After entering this, you were directed to the standard eRaider sign-in page. Beginning July 21, 2021, all TTU users are instead directed to a Microsoft page that prompts for your eRaider password.

Your sign-in experience should have changed from this:

example screenshot

to this:

example screenshot

Just as you were previously accustomed to verifying that the web address of eRaider webpages begins with https://eraider.ttu.edu, you will also need to verify that the web address of the Microsoft 365 authentication page begins with https://login.microsoftonline.com before entering your password to ensure that you are not giving your password to a cybercriminal.

This change only impacted Microsoft 365 pages. The eRaider sign-in experience did not change for pages such as Raiderlink, Blackboard, and eRaider Account Manager.

More details

When you sign in to various Microsoft sites using your ttu.edu account, including https://microsoft365.com and https://outlook.com, as well as certain applications, such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams, etc., you are presented with the following box to enter your email address. This behavior has not changed.

NOTE: Your sign-in experience may suppress this box from displaying if you have recently checked the "Keep me signed in" option box.

example screenshot

Prior to July 21, 2021, after entering your TechMail address you were redirected to eRaider Web Sign-in (eRWS) to enter your password, as shown below:

example screenshot

After your account has been upgraded to the new experience (after July 21, 2021), instead of seeing the page above, Microsoft will prompt you for your password, as shown below:

example screenshot