About IT Help Central support for new products, software, or services


Through collaboration and professionalism, IT Help Central provides the highest possible quality technical support and assistance to the Texas Tech University community. We support the mission of the university by supporting our customers and their technology needs as they attempt to fulfill a TTU academic or business goal.

When new services or products (such as a new operating system from Apple or Microsoft) become available to the general population, IT Help Central understands that these products/services may have a place in fulfilling the university's mission. However, until our personnel have had ample time to test and document the new product or service, we may not be able to provide support that meets your expectations.

Rather than providing a list of "officially supported" products and services to our customers, we recommend that our customers simply contact IT Help Central with their support needs as they arise. If our support agents do not have adequate training or support documentation on a particular product or service, they may identify such situations at the outset in order to set the proper expectation. IT Help Central may be able to provide limited support in these cases; and through the support process, knowledge will be created/documented which will allow us to provide better support for your particular product or service in the future.