How to: View legacy TTUS and TTU financial accounting information on the web


TechFIM expenditure, revenue, and fund balance information can be viewed on the web in the Data Warehouse using your eRaider account. This is legacy data only (pre-2009); current financial information is available in Banner and Cognos.

To access the Data Warehouse:

1) Browse to and click the Data Warehouse link.

2) If prompted for eRaider credentials, sign in with your eRaider username and password.

3) On the Data Warehouse page, choose Financial Accounting Information.

4) You may access balances and obtain detail transaction data. Help text is available by placing the cursor on the yellow light bulbs. Balances and information are presented as of start of business for the given day. Choose the fiscal year desired, enter or search for the account number, and choose the object or revenue code(s) desired.

5) Click the Submit Query box for your report to be generated. To see the detail transactions, click the accounting period desired.

6) Information can be imported into Excel for your departmental use by clicking on the View in Excel Format button at the bottom of the report.


Questions regarding your eRaider account or any other technical problems should be directed to ITĀ Help Central.

Questions regarding account information should be directed to your regular accountant in TTU Business Affairs. Questions regarding budget information should be directed to your regular budget analyst in the TTU Budget Office.