How to: Use the SSH Gateway at TTU for file transfers and direct connections


Create a "local port forwarding" connection

In order to use the SSH Gateway service to transfer files and make direct connections to resources on TTUnet, a local port forwarding connection must first be established. This encrypted connection will forward SSH connections made to the local client, through the SSH Gateway, to the TTUnet connected system. To make this connection, you need to know the DNS name of the server and an unused local port (typically 2222) that will be used for the local port forwarding connection.

Command line example

Open Command Prompt.

To connect to using the SSH Gateway, the command below would be used when using an SSH client from the command line.

ssh -L

After the local port forwarding connection is established, may now be reached by connecting to localhost on port 2222 using a new terminal window, as shown in the command below.

ssh -p 2222 your_eRaider_username@localhost


1) In the PuTTY SSH client, establish the local port forwarding connection.

example screenshot

example screenshot

2) Leave the connection open, and open a new PuTTY window. Connect to the server using the local port forwarding connection.

example screenshot