How to: Use "Spybot Search and Destroy" to check for problems on your Windows computer


As with all software, please ensure that your usage falls within the licensing terms. For instance, some software may not be licensed for use on TTU-owned devices.


1) Download and install Spybot Search & Destroy.

2) After the installation has finished, you will see a "Spybot - Search & Destroy" icon on your desktop and in your Start Menu. Click on it to start Spybot for the first time.

3) The first time you start Spybot, it will display a wizard—a small window helping you through the first steps. On the screen below, you can create a Registry backup file.

example screenshot

4) The next page deals with updates. It is very important to keep your software up-to-date. Click Search for Updates and then Download all available updates.

example screenshot

5) Click Immunize the System. This will help block spyware in the future.

example screenshot

6) The last page of the wizard will ask you to read the help file. After the tutorial has finished, you may find yourself on the "Settings" or "Update" page. As the default settings are OK for right now and you've already updated, let's ignore them and do the first scan.

The left side of the program has a navigation bar that can lead you to all functions of the program. The first section there (the top-most button) is labeled "Spybot-S&D" and leads you to the main page. Right now, you will see only an empty list and a toolbar at the bottom. The first button in this toolbar is named "Check for problems". Click that button to start scanning.

example screenshot

7) Interpret the results. The first thing you should know is to distinguish between the red entries, which represent spyware and similar threats, and the green entries, which are usage tracks.

For the usage tracks, removal is non-critical. You can ignore the usage tracks for now; you should have a look at the red entries which represent the real threats.

example screenshot

8) All problems displayed in red are regarded as real threats and should be removed. Click the Fix selected problems button.

example screenshot


You have used Spybot to remove spyware.