How to: Use "Emergency Bypass" setting on iPhone or iPad to allow contacts to get through Do Not Disturb


All contacts added as favorites can bypass "Do Not Disturb" automatically; you do not need to follow the steps below. For contacts not set as a favorite, you can enable them to bypass "Do Not Disturb" by following the procedure below.

1) Open the Contacts app.

example screenshot

2) Tap the contact for whom you wish to allow bypass.

example screenshot

3) In the top right-hand corner, tap Edit.

example screenshot

4) Tap Ringtone.

TIP: Alternatively, you can tap Text Tone if you want text messages from the person to bypass "Do Not Disturb".

example screenshot

5) Next to "Emergency Bypass", slide the switch to the "on" position (to the right). Then, tap Done.

example screenshot


You have enabled Emergency Bypass for that contact.

TIP: You can repeat this on any number of contacts in your contact list.