How to: Use DBAN to securely erase a hard drive


NOTE: Only your keyboard can be used while using DBAN. Your mouse will not work.

1) Download DBAN and burn it to a CD or USB.

2) Restart your computer and boot to the flash drive.

3) Press Enter at the prompt to open interactive mode.

example screenshot

4) After it loads into memory, remove the flash drive so that it is not detected as a drive that can be wiped. Otherwise, you may encounter errors.

TIP: Use the J and k keys to navigate up and down the list.

5) When prompted for the hard drive(s) to wipe, use the spacebar on your keyboard to select the drive(s) to wipe.

example screenshot

6) Press R on the keyboard to specify the number of rounds (passes) to use.  Seven is recommended.

7) Press F10 to start.

example screenshot


You will get a success message indicating that the disk has been wiped.

example screenshot