How to: Use basic steps to secure a computer


The following steps can be used to make a computer more secure:

  • Review your password policy. Make sure that no default passwords are being used.
  • Install anti-virus software. Set up a schedule for updates/scans.
  • Configure your operating system and software to automatically download and install critical security updates.
  • Disable unnecessary services. Most of the time, services like SNMP are not necessary.
  • Set an account lockout policy.
  • Disable any guest accounts. Information can be found using guest accounts.
  • Disable the default shares.
  • Create a general user account and use it for everyday use rather than using an administrator account. When your account has Administrator privileges, any malware will also run with administrator privileges.
  • Consider installing a personal firewall.
  • Keep up to date with the manufacturer's security fixes.


Your computer is more secure after following the general procedures above.