How to: Use an image from MyWeb to update your profile picture in Skype for Business on Windows


Connect to your MyWeb website through File Explorer. Move the image you want into your MyWeb folder. In Skype for Business, click the "Options" icon. Click My Picture and click the circle next to "Show a picture from a website". Type the web address of the hosted picture into the field and click Connect to Picture. Click OK to finish.


1) Connect to your MyWeb website using File Explorer.

2) Move the image you want to use into your MyWeb folder.

3) Sign in to Skype for Business.

4) Click the "Options" icon.

example screenshot

5) Click My Picture.

example screenshot

6) Click the radio button next to "Show a picture from a website".

example screenshot

7) Type into the field, where eRaider is your eRaider username and filename.extension is the file name and extension. Then, click Connect to Picture.


TIP: If you are unsure of the extension of the image, you may need to unhide file name extensions in order to see the full file name and extension.

example screenshot

8) Click OK.

example screenshot


You have updated your Skype for Business picture to an image that is hosted through the MyWeb service.