How to: Upload an image, document, or other file in Omni CMS


You may upload existing files to your departmental website in Omni CMS by following the directions below.

1) In the top menu, click Content and then Pages.

example screenshot

2) Navigate to the location on the website where the files should be uploaded. (Selected files will be uploaded to the directory open on the screen.)

3) If the site has alternate publish targets defined, choose the appropriate server for the upload.

NOTE: All binary files (images, documents, PDFs) are uploaded directly to the target production server. All editable files (HTML and text) are uploaded initially to the Omni CMS staging server and must adhere to the approval process prior to being published to the target production server. Choose the appropriate view of staging server or production server in the "Pages" tab to confirm that files have been uploaded properly.

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4) In the top right-hand corner, click the UPLOAD button.

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6) Choose the settings for your upload:

  • Upload Files: The best option for most users. This allows you to upload most any type of file, including multiple files simultaneously.
  • Edit and Upload Image: Allows you to add an image and edit it before finishing the upload. This is useful when you have a large image that needs resized for web usage.
  • Import Zip File: Allows you to upload any combination of folders and files, even a complex directory structure.
Access Group

Use the drop-down menu to choose the group that should have access to the files. You can leave it at "(Inherit Existing)" if you want the file(s) to inherit permissions from the directory in which you are uploading them. Level 10 and 9 users can set permissions to any available group. All other users must choose from any group to which they belong.

example screenshot

Overwrite Existing

By default, if a file name already exists on the website, the file will not be overwritten. To allow an existing file on the website to be overwritten, click the "Overwrite Existing" checkbox. Only Level 8 users and higher have this ability.


You may click ADD and browse your computer to pick files for upload, or you may simply drag and drop files onto the upload window in your browser. Repeat this process to upload multiple files from various locations on your computer, if desired.

TIP: A file can be renamed by clicking the ellipsis icon, typing a new name, and pressing Enter/return.

6) Click the START UPLOAD button to upload the files.

example screenshot


You have uploaded content to your departmental website.