How to: Troubleshoot Blackboard problems


Browser troubleshooting

Many problems can arise from the particular web browser being used. Be aware that some Blackboard features will not be fully compatible with every web browser. Please verify your web browser and its configurations are supported by Blackboard. For general web browser troubleshooting, you can go to How to: Troubleshoot web browser-related problems.

How to, configuration, and usage

If you are not sure how to submit an assignment, configure Blackboard, or use the service in general, the best option is to always ask your professor or other students in that course first.

Performance problems or inoperable

If your hardware is not functioning properly, search askIT using the particular symptoms of the situation. If you are unable to find a resolution, please contact your on-site support provider or submit a Blackboard assistance request. Be aware that it is easy to confuse hardware-related problems with other types of problems. For example, a slow operating system is different from a system that will not turn on at all. If you are unsure, IT Help Central can help troubleshoot the problem with you.


NOTE: Classes may not appear on Blackboard until the first official day of the semester.

If you are missing a class from the current semester that you have confirmed is using Blackboard, you may need to submit a Blackboard assistance request. It may be a permissions problem, and IT Help Central is able to help. First, confirm with your professor that your class is using Blackboard for the semester.

Scheduled maintenance & unscheduled outages

To determine if Blackboard is undergoing scheduled maintenance or if an unscheduled outage is occurring, go to askIT at and look under "Current status".

problems

If you are unable to sign in to Blackboard, it may be because of incorrect eRaider sign-in credentials. Check to see if you can sign in to other eRaider services, such as Raiderlink or TechMail. If you cannot sign in to other eRaider services, you may need to set a new eRaider password. If you still cannot sign in, you may need to submit a sign-in assistance request for further help.