How to: Sort your contacts in Skype for Business for Windows


Choose one of the tabs, or open Display Options to change how the list is sorted.


You can sort your contacts by different criteria, such as display name, availability, or relationship. Sorting your contacts makes it easier to organize, find, and connect with your contacts quickly.

Method 1

At the top of the Contacts list, choose whether you would like to view by GROUPS, STATUS, RELATIONSHIPS, or NEW.

NOTE: You may collapse or expand the various sections by clicking the arrow icon. 

example screenshot

Method 2

1) To see more sorting options, click the Add a Contact button on the right side of the window and choose Display Options.

example screenshot

2) Under the "Contacts List" tab, you can change your preferences to change how your list is sorted.

NOTE: You cannot hide contacts that have a status of Offline or Presence unknown.

example screenshot


You have sorted your contact list.