How to: Sign up to receive emergency communications through TechAlert


TTUS and TTU students, faculty, and staff

TechAlert notifications will automatically be sent to all TTUS and TTU students, faculty, and staff via TechMail. In addition to these email notifications, you can choose to be notified by voice call, text message, and TTY/TDD services.

TechAlert uses information in TTU's Emergency Notification Database to send the alerts. The database is preloaded with the primary phone number listed for you in the university's Banner system. This number may not be the most appropriate for an emergency, so it is strongly recommended that you update your information on a regular basis.

Emergency alert notifications will be sent to each department's main telephone number automatically. Students, faculty, and staff should not specify campus office phone numbers in their individual contact information.

Students, faculty, and staff will receive emergency notifications applicable to their primary location. You may opt to receive emergency notifications relevant to an additional location by selecting an alternate location.

Update your details online to designate any one or more method(s) for alerts and ensure your details are accurate.


Students may add their parents to TechAlert by going to the Emergency Notification Database and adding the preferred contact details there.

TTUHSC and TTUHSC El Paso students, faculty, and staff

TTUHSC and TTUHSC El Paso users are not able to sign up for TechAlert. TTUHSC has an emergency alert system called STAT Alert that you can access for emergency notifications at TTUHSC.

If you truly need to receive TechAlert messages (for TTU campus), exceptions for access to TechAlert have been approved for individuals who have regular business on a TTU campus, such as at the Child Development Research Center (CDRC) or Student Wellness Center. If this applies to you, please contact Bree Walker in the Office of Communications & Marketing at or 806-834-0792.

Other individuals

As an expansion to TechAlert, additional members of the campus community who are not students, faculty, and staff, but have a connection to the campus, will receive emergency alerts through the system. This includes attendees of summer campus, contract employees and individuals in leased spaces, among other groups across campus.

For outside groups, the MyConnect Portal is a service offered to on-campus affiliates to communicate important campus alerts and emergency response information. Affiliates must have a formal relationship with Texas Tech University that includes a physical campus presence and not currently be a TTU student, faculty, or staff member, as they are already enrolled in the TechAlert Emergency Communications System. The emergency management director must approve the addition of all affiliates into the MyConnect Portal. For more information, please contact Bree Walker in the Office of Communications & Marketing at or 806-834-0792.