How to: Share files using OneDrive for Business on your Mac


TIP: These instructions are intended for most users but do not explore every available sharing option. We encourage you to click through the various options and find the settings that most meet your needs.

1) Make sure that the file or document you wish to share is within your OneDrive for Business folder on your Mac, or one of the sub-folders under OneDrive for Business. If not, you will need to move it there.

2) Right-click (secondary click) on the file that you wish to share. Then, click Share from the menu that appears.

NOTE: Be sure to choose the Share option that has the OneDrive for Business blue cloud icon next to it, not the built-in macOS Share option.

example screenshot

3) Click the disclosure arrow to view additional sharing options.

example screenshot

4) Choose a sharing option from the list. Check the "Allow editing" box if you'd like others to be able to edit the file. Then, click Apply.

example screenshot

5) Type the names or email addresses of the individuals with whom you intend to share the file. You may also type an optional message for their benefit.

You may choose to click Send to immediately to send the link to the specified individuals. Optionally, you can click Copy Link and then paste the link into another application such as an Outlook email message or a text message.

example screenshot


You have shared a file using OneDrive for Business at TTU.