How to: Set up automatic replies for TechMail in Microsoft Outlook for Windows


Click the File tab. Then, click Automatic Replies. Click the option to Send automatic replies, and fill out the remaining fields. Finally, click OK.


1) Click the File tab.

example screenshot

2) Click Automatic Replies.

example screenshot

3) Click the radio button next to "Send automatic replies". You will have the option to check the box next to "Only send during this time range" if you would like to specify when you will be unable to respond to emails for a period of time. If you choose this option you will need to specify a start and end date and time.

NOTE: If you wish to send automatic replies to emails not affiliated with TTU, you may instead click the tab Outside My Organization (On).

example screenshot

4) Once you have finished compiling your message, click OK.

example screenshot


TechMail will send your automatic reply (i.e., out of office message) to individuals who email you.

NOTE: Each sender will only receive the automatic reply once and not every time they email you. This is reset when you turn off Automatic Reply and then turn it on again.