How to: Set up a UNIX LPR printer


Line Printer Remote is an UNIX-method of printing to a UNIX print server.

1) You must have Print Services for UNIX installed on your machine.

2) A print server must be set up to receive jobs on TCP port 515. If you have a firewall running on your machine, you must make sure that traffic is enabled through port 515. Otherwise, print jobs will never be received on the print server.

3) Add a printer on the client. You must create a new port, and the port type will be LPR. You will have to know the IP address of the print server, and the LPD Queue name. The LPD Queue name will be the name of the printer on the print server.

4) After you have added the printer, printing will now be available via LPR. You must make sure that the LPR Print Server will be on and available through the network.


Printer will be installed.