How to: Send a fax at TTU


If you (as the sender) are using a traditional fax line

No special steps need to be taken. You can send the fax as you normally would using your fax machine; even if you are faxing a department that uses UC Faxing.

If you (as the sender) are using UC Faxing

1) Sign in to the UC Faxing functional mailbox and create a new message. For instructions on how to sign in to a functional mailbox, please see Overview of functional mailboxes in TechMail.

NOTE: If you are a member of the functional mail groupĀ (FMG) that owns the mailbox, you can simply change the "From" address to the UC Faxing email address. Otherwise, you will need to sign in to the mailbox to be able to send the fax.

2) Type the email address that the fax will go to in the following format: "+1", the area code, the fax number, then "" (e.g.,

NOTE: For international faxing, you would use (e.g., Please see How to: Dial internationally using UC if you need more details. You will also need international dialing enabled.

example screenshot

3) Type a subject for your UC fax.

example screenshot

4) In the body of the message, whatever you type will appear as the cover page.

NOTE: You can leave the message body blank and attach your own cover page if needed.

example screenshot

5) Click the attachments symbol to attach documents of your choice.

NOTE: You can attach documents from your computer or a cloud location. You can also scan documents with your phone or tablet using the OneDrive application (Android or iOS/iPadOS).

example screenshot

6) Click Send.

example screenshot


You have sent a fax.