How to: Save a file to OneDrive for Business when using software in Citrix Workspace


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NOTE: The steps or interface may differ slightly depending on the program you are using within the Citrix Workspace.

OptionĀ A: Save to a synced OneDrive for Business folder

A1) Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer. If you have already done this, proceed to the next step.

A2) If prompted about file access, pick your preferred option. What you choose will affect what access the Citrix Workspace software has to your hard drive.

example screenshot

A3) Choose the save option in your software application.

A4) In the "Look in" or "Save in" area, click the drop-down box to see more location options.

example screenshot

A5) Choose Local Disk (C: on your_computer_name) [e.g., if your computer name is TTU123456, it should look like "Local Disk (C: on TTU123456)"].

example screenshot

A6) Open Users.

example screenshot

A7) Find and open the folder with your account name. If you are signed in to a computer on the domain, this will be your eRaider username.

example screenshot

A8) Open OneDrive - Texas Tech University.

example screenshot

A9) Type a file name and click Save.

example screenshot

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OptionĀ B: Save to a local drive and upload to OneDrive for Business

B1) Save the file to a local drive on your computer.

B2) Upload the file to OneDrive for Business on the web.


The file has been saved to the location you chose.