How to: Request to be removed from TechAlert announcements


Please follow the process below to remove your information from the TechAlert system.

TTU and TTUS users

Faculty, staff, and students of TTU or TTUS may opt out of all emergency notifications except for email notifications by submitting all blank phone numbers in the data entry page. (You may need to set the value to "None" in the field labeled "Please select a phone listing where you would like to receive text messaging".)

CAUTION: Texas Tech University strongly recommends that you provide at least one telephone number. Any contact info that you provide will only be used for emergency notifications.

If you are receiving alerts for a location not applicable to you (e.g., Lubbock), you can specify your primary campus location and an alternate location to only get alerts relevant to your location.


Normally, contact information for parents is added by the student using the student's eRaider account. Please ask the student to use the process above under "TTU and TTUS users" to see if your information is listed under their account.

Other users

If you do not have a current affiliation with TTU or TTUS and wish to remove your information from TechAlert, please contact IT Help Central with the following details:

  • Your legal first name
  • Your legal last name
  • The contact information to which TechAlert messages are being sent (e.g., 806-555-1234 or

IT Help Central will assign an issue in your name to system administrators to review the request.


Your information will be removed from TechAlert.

NOTE: If there are any alerts within the days surrounding your request, you may continue to receive them while your entry is being deleted from our systems. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.