How to: Request access to the TTUguest wireless network for visitors to TTU


The TTUguest wireless network was created for instances when temporary visitors to Texas Tech University need Wi-Fi network access. This includes cases where visitors, recruiters, vendors, and presenters are attending conferences, meetings, or other events on the TTU campus.

NOTE: TTUguest access was not intended for individuals with a long term relationship with Texas Tech. To request network access for individuals in those circumstances, please see How to: Request eRaider, email, or network access for a guest, vendor, business partner, or research partner.


Obtaining the password

To gain access to the TTUguest network in a location that has this network available, guests should contact a current full-time faculty or staff member in the college/department which is sponsoring their visit to campus. The faculty or staff member who approves the visit may then look up the current TTUguest password. At that time, the faculty or staff member (acting as the sponsor or authorizer of guest access) may distribute the current password to the guests. Unique usernames are not used for TTUguest; instead, a network security key (pre-shared key) is used by guests to authenticate. Specific instructions for connecting may be found by searching askIT at

Large events

Events needing access for more than 100 devices should notify Telecommunications at least four weeks in advance to ensure sufficient capacity at the event location. Please submit a network service request as soon as possible. Choose Long-term Network Planning.

Locations that do not have TTUguest available

If you are planning an event in a location that does not currently have the TTUguest wireless network available, please submit a network service request as soon as possible. Choose Long-term Network Planning.


Guests are able to access the TTUguest network immediately by using the information provided.