How to: Request a new or additional wireless access point (WAP)


1) If you believe that the Wi-Fi signal is weak or not reaching all preferred areas, please contact IT Help Central if they provide on-site support for your department or if you live in the residence halls. Otherwise, contact the technical support personnel in your department.

2) On-site technical support personnel will verify that a problem exists and that the problem is not with your device, software, or configuration.

3) Once the problem is confirmed to not be a client-side problem, IT Help Central can assign an issue in your name to the Network Operations team at Telecommunications to verify that the wireless network is working correctly from their perspective.

4) If Network Operations confirms that the wireless network is operating properly, the Network Design & Installation team at Telecommunications can conduct a site survey.

5) The Network Design & Installation team will then determine if additional wireless access points (WAP) are needed.

6) If it is determined that the area needs additional wireless access points, the department requesting this may submit a Network Project Request.


Once the request form is submitted. The cost of the project will not be known until after more information is gathered from the department. After a project request is submitted, Telecommunications will engage the department in a needs analysis discussion to determine the amount of services needed. Based on this discussion, Telecommunications will propose a solution with an associated cost for the departments approval. Until the department approves of the work and identifies the funding source, no money will be transferred from the account to Telecommunications.