How to: Re-order TechMail rules in Outlook for Mac


In your Mac's menu bar, click Tools > Rules. Be sure that you have the TechMail account selected on the left-hand side. You can use the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner to reorder the rules that appear in the right-hand column.


1) In your Mac's menu bar, click Tools. Then, click Rules.

example screenshot

2) Under "Server Rules" on the left-hand side, click your TechMail account.

example screenshot

3) Click the rule you wish to move, and use the arrow buttons in the bottom-right corner of the window to move the rule up or down in the list.

example screenshot

4) Once you have all the rules in the order you want them, click the close window button in the upper-left hand corner.

example screenshot

5) To confirm you wish to save the changes, click Save.

example screenshot

6) You may be prompted about rules on your account which were created in Outlook for Windows. If so, make a determination about whether you want to keep the rules or not. If you want to keep the Windows-based rules, you must click Cancel, and you will be unable to save your changes in Outlook for Mac. If you want to delete the Windows-based rules, click OK.

CAUTION: Do not click OK unless you are sure you want to delete the Windows-based rules. They cannot be recovered once they are deleted.


If you saved your changes, the rules will now run in the order you specified.