How to: Remove the date and time that appears at the bottom of custom web apps hosted on


At the bottom of pages hosted in Omni CMS, the time and date that the page was last updated is automatically placed at the bottom.

For most pages, this is the desired and expected behavior and cannot be removed. It is the designed way to edit the page. Someone with editing rights to the page can simply click the link to edit the page.

For some pages like custom applications (pages that are not stored as .pcf files in the Omni CMS staging area), having the date and time displayed in the footer may not be the desired behavior. (An example might be an application written in ASP or a custom PHP page that doesn't use the Omni CMS TTU web templates.) You may hide the date and time from the footer of such pages by placing the code below in the bottom of the desired file:

image of code to use


The last modified date and time will not be displayed at the bottom of the page where you inserted the code.