How to: Remove or update saved passwords on your iPhone or iPad


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

In the Settings app, tap Passwords. To delete a password, swipe left on the item that you wish to delete, and then tap the red Delete button. To edit a password, tap the item that you wish to update, tap Edit, and enter the updated password.

Detailed instructions may be found below.


1) Open the Settings app.

example screenshot

2) Tap Passwords.

example screenshot

3) Authenticate by either using Face ID, Touch ID, or typing your device's passcode.

example screenshot

4) If desired, you can use the search field at the top to filter the items.

example screenshot

5) Perform the desired action.

To delete a password

Swipe left on the item you wish to delete and tap the red Delete button.

example screenshot

To update a password

Tap the item that you wish to update.

example screenshot

Tap Edit.

example screenshot

Type an updated password into the "Password" field. Then, tap Done.

example screenshot


You have cleared or updated saved sign-in credentials on your Apple device.