How to: Remove an email account from Microsoft Outlook in Windows


1) Close Outlook if it is open.

2) Access the Control Panel in Windows.

3) Click User Accounts.

example screenshot

4) Click Mail (Microsoft Outlook).

example screenshot

5) Click Email Accounts.

example screenshot

6) Click once on the account that you wish to remove. Then, click the Remove button at the top.

example screenshot

5) Review the warning regarding. If you want to continue, click Yes.

CAUTION: If you have made changes to your mailbox contents but the changes have not synced to Microsoft 365 yet, the changes will be lost. It is recommended that you access your account through another means, such as Outlook on the web, to ensure that any recent changes you have made have successfully synchronized to the cloud. You may also wish to click the "Learn how" link in the message to review the information regarding a backup.

example screenshot


The selected email account has been removed from Microsoft Outlook on your computer.