How to: Recover a Microsoft Office document


These instructions will work for many of the Microsoft Office applications.

Option 1: Recovering unsaved files

1) Click File > Info.

2) Click Manage [File Type].

EXAMPLE: Manage Presentation or Manage Document depending on whether you are using PowerPoint, Word, etc.

3) From here, you can select any unsaved documents from the drop-down list.

4) Once you have the document opened, make sure to save the document where you would like to.

Option 2: Recovering files after a crash

1) Re-open the Office software that crashed.

2) Click File > Options.

3) Click Save. You will then be presented with the Save options. Under "AutoRecover file location:," copy the file path.

4) In File Explorer, navigate to that file path. From there, you may see several auto-saved files.

TIP: Some of these files may be .asd file types. You may have to open those files in Notepad to see if it has your unsaved content. You may not be able to get the exact formatting if the .asd file is the only file that has your most recent changes, but you may be able to restore the content.

Option 3: Recovering deleted file

1) Open the Recycle Bin.

2) Browse through the files for your deleted item.

3) Right-click on the file and click Restore.


Your Microsoft document is recovered and/or restored.