How to: Record voicemail greetings in Skype for Business on Windows


1) Sign in to Unified Communications using the Skype for Business app.

2) Click the dialpad icon.

example screenshot

3) Click the voicemail settings button under the number pad, and then click Change Greetings.

NOTE: If the voicemail settings button is not available in Skype for Business, it may be because your Unified Communications account does not have permissions to use enterprise voice (EV), you may not have enabled your EV service yet, or you may have a Microsoft 365 email account which at this time has limited voicemail availability. For more information about voicemail service, please see How to: Determine if you have voicemail service with your Enterprise Voice account in Skype for Business on Windows.

example screenshot

4) Skype for Business will call your voicemail and guide you to record a greeting.

TIP: If asked to press a number, you can bring up the number pad by hovering the mouse cursor over the phone/mic button.

example screenshot


You will be able to record a new greeting for your TTU Unified Communications account.

TIP: You may wish to configure voicemail and greetings options.