How to: Record a CD or DVD


Hardware requirements

To record a CD, you must make sure you have a blank recordable CD or DVD, and you must ensure that your optical drive is capable of recording the type of media that you have (i.e., for DVD-R, you must have a DVD-R capable recorder).

Software requirements

The next requirement is software that is capable for recording onto the specific media. Recording CDs with CD-R and CD-RW media is built into the system in macOS and Windows. If you need to record DVDs, you must have the appropriate software.


The recording process is fairly simple. It involves the following:

1) Insert your media.

2) Open your recording software.

3) Select the file(s) to record.

4) Initiate the recording process.


Once the media has been recorded, it is recommended that you test the file(s) or media for any inconsistencies.