How to: Recall a sent email message in Outlook for Windows


Navigate to your "Sent Items" folder. Double-click the email you wish to recall. Click the File tab > Resend or Recall > Recall This Message.


NOTE: You can recall or replace a message only if its recipient is signed in using Microsoft Outlook and has not read the message and/or moved it from their Inbox.

1) Go to your "Sent Items" folder.

example screenshot

2) Double-click on the email that you wish to recall. It will open in a separate window.

example screenshot

3) Click the File menu.

example screenshot

4) Click Resend or Recall, then click Recall This Message.

example screenshot

5) Choose if you would like to only recall the message or if you would like to recall the message and put another email in its place. Then, click OK.

example screenshot


The unread/unmoved emails will be recalled.