How to: Purchase software through Apple's App Store for official TTU use on Macs, iPhones, or iPads



In June 2011, Apple published a document titled "OS X Lion for Business and Education" at This document may be used as a guideline for other purchases in Apple's app stores.

In the document, Apple explains how business and education customers can purchase and deploy OS X Lion within their organizations. Also in the document, the minimum volume license purchase is mentioned to be 20. Departments and organizations at TTU wishing to purchase less than 20 licenses may choose to simply make their purchase through the iOS App Store or Mac App Store. If so, they should consider making the purchase using an Apple ID which is tied to a functional email account rather than an individual email account.

Purchases from the Mac App Store will be charged sales tax. Because Texas Tech University has a tax except status, once you place your order via the iOS App Store or Mac App Store you can either forward a copy of your order receipt to Apple's tax group at or fax it to them at 866-758-7713 for a credit of the sales tax.

Apple understands that this is not a viable long term solution for education purchasing and deployment of software. Their education team is working on a new solution for education, volume purchasing, and deployment; but in the interim, this is the process.

If you must use a purchase order, the following option may be a possibility:

iTunes gift cards:

  • $15 M9949LL/C
  • $25 M9950LL/C
  • $50 M9951LL/C
  • $100 MC308LL/A

Before making any software purchases through the iOS App Store or Mac App Store, please send an email to with the list of apps/software that you would like to purchase. Purchasing will get approval through the TTU IT Division. Once it is approved by the TTU IT Division, then Accounts Payable will approve the purchase to be made on the Pcard. We will be charged sales tax. Then, the Pcard user will need to request reimbursement of sales tax from Apple using the procedure above.

Deploying macOS to multiple supported Macs in a department is discussed below.

At the time of the release of Lion in 2011, Apple changed the licensing for several Apple software products in addition to licensing for macOS and macOS Server. Volume license contracts are available at a 50% discount per license with a minimum quantity of 20 licenses. Other products that are available under the licensing program include Aperture, Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 and Apple Remote Desktop. These products all offer licenses in addition to 3-year maintenance, if desired.

Further detail regarding obtaining software in volume and with maintenance may be found here:

Volume licenses: 20+ seats

Whether your business or school is large or small, the Apple volume licensing agreement (VLA) provides an easy and cost-effective way to purchase software for multiple systems. With VLA, you license the right to use Apple software on a specified number of computers at your business or school—you determine how many. Volume licenses start at 20 seats.

Customers will receive a certificate that authorizes their use of the software for the number of licenses purchased. Upon completion of your volume license order, you will receive one content code per volume license agreement. To redeem your software, sign in to the iOS App Store or Mac App Store with an Apple ID and password. (Recommended to use a functional email address as the Apple ID.) Your use of the content code and the redeemed software will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the iOS App Store or Mac App Store ( and the applicable license agreement(s).

Customers needing more details should contact their Apple account executive.

To redeem your software, sign in with an Apple ID and password. Your use of the content code and the redeemed software is subject to the terms and conditions of the iOS App Store or Mac App Store ( and the applicable license agreement(s).

Education institution purchases

Lion Server volume licenses 20+ - Part number: D5984Z/A - $24.99 (per seat)
OS X Server maintenance licenses 20+ - Part number: D5997Z/A - $32.99 (per seat)

Apple does not offer additional pricing discounts beyond the 50% discounts for higher volume tiers. In other words if an institution needs 100 or 1000 copies of software, the quantity is the number of seats times the price per seat (minimum of 20).