How to: Populate field values via email in FootPrints Service Core


You can submit workspace or address book field information into an issue by emailing (If you're updating an existing issue, be sure to specify the issue number and workspace number in the subject line using the syntax ISSUE=x WKSPACE=y.)

TIP: For help determining your workspace number, please see How to: Locate your workspace number in FootPrints Service Core.

In the body of the email, include a line for each workspace field to be submitted, and use the following format:


EXAMPLE: Category=Email

By default, FootPrints assumes that the data is contained on one line only. For multi-line data, a single backslash (\) must be added to the end of each line.

EXAMPLE: Internal Issue Notes=Here is some information to add to this field.\
I am placing a backslash at the end of each line to let FootPrints know that the data is still part of the field name I specified before the last equal sign.\