How to: Open an email message that was encrypted with Purview Message Encryption


You may open emails as normal by using Outlook. For other domains, follow the onscreen instructions to read the email.


Opening emails in Outlook

Opening encrypted email messages in Outlook on the web, the Outlook desktop app, and the Outlook mobile app may be opened as any other email would be.

NOTE: Replying to an encrypted message through Outlook will automatically encrypt the reply message as well.

example screenshot

Opening emails in a different email provider

Opening encrypted emails from a different provider such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Apple Mail require extra steps.

NOTE: These steps also apply to mobile applications such as the Gmail app or the iOS Mail app.

1) Open the encrypted email message.

example screenshot

2) Click Read the message.

example screenshot

3) Sign in to your email account by clicking Sign in with, or sign in using a one time passcode that will be sent to you from Microsoft.

example screenshot

3A) If signing in with a one-time passcode, check your email for another message containing the passcode.

NOTE: This passcode will expire after 15 minutes. If your passcode expires, you can request a new one.

example screenshot

3B) Type the passcode into the text box and click Continue.

example screenshot


You are able to read the contents of the email message and respond.

NOTE: You may not be able to print or forward the message, depending on the encryption settings used.

example screenshot