How to: Obtain your eRaider username


1) Browse to and click Forgot Username.

example screenshot

2) Complete the following information, and then click Continue.

  • Legal First Name: your first name
  • Legal Last Name: your last name
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): your date of birth

example screenshot

3) To verify your identity, the eRaider system will send a verification code to the contact phone number you specified in your eRaider account. Choose Text Message to have the code sent in an SMS text message or Voice Call to receive the code in an automated voice call.

Click Continue when you are ready for the code to be sent.

example screenshot

4) If you chose "Text Message" in StepĀ 3, check your mobile phone for a text message with the following wording:

Use this code to verify: CODE

example screenshot

If you chose "Voice Call" in StepĀ 3, you will receive a phone call with the following wording:

Use this code to change your password: CODE

5) Type the code that you received into the field labeled "Enter Code". Then, click Verify.

example screenshot


Your eRaider username will be displayed.

example screenshot