How to: Modify the address or display name on a TechMail distribution list


Contact IT Help Central with the details of your request. Be sure to include the following:

  • The full email address as it is currently
  • The name of the distribution list as it is currently
  • The new full email address and/or distribution list name

2) If the request is not from an owner of the list, an NSC, or a department head/chair, IT Help Central student technicians, student supervisors, or full-time staff at the Service Desk will check with an owner of the list or an NSC from the appropriate department/college to verify the request before proceeding. (IT Help Central will do this even if IT Help Central is designated as an NSC for the department/college.)

3) An IT Help Central full-time staff member will assign the issue to email administrators.


TechMail administrators will review the modification request.