How to: Moderate messages in a distribution list in Outlook on the web


1) Sign in to Outlook on the web.

2) If an email has been sent to a distribution list that you moderate, you will see an email which requires approval.

example screenshot

3) Review the request. If you approve of the message, click Approve and the message will be sent to the distribution list recipients. If you do not approve, click Reject.

example screenshot

NOTE: If you reject the email, you will be asked to click Edit the response before sending or Send the response now. If you choose "Send the response now", the sender of the message will get an immediate response from you that the message was rejected for delivery. If you choose "Edit the response before sending", an email prompt will show up allowing you to explain to the sender in your own words why you are rejecting the message.

example screenshot


The message will either be rejected or sent depending on the option you selected.