How to: Map a network drive or shared drive in Windows 10


In File Explorer, click This PC > Computer > Map network drive. Enter your network drive information.


1) If you are connecting to a server on the TTU campus, connect to the TTUnet network using a wired, wireless, or VPN connection.

2) From the Start menu, open File Explorer.

example screenshot

3) Click This PC.

example screenshot

4) Click Computer.

example screenshot

5) Click Map network drive.

example screenshot

6) From the "Drive" drop-down list, choose any drive letter you wish.

TIP: Letters that are later in the alphabet, such as "Z", are better and will result in less conflicts with removable drives (i.e., USB drives).

example screenshot

7) Either click the Browse button to locate the appropriate folder or simply type the path into the field labeled "Folder".

example screenshot

8) Click Finish.

example screenshot

9) Windows will attempt to connect to the network resource that you specified.

If you are prompted for credentials, sign in using your eRaider account.


The network drive has been mapped. If you left the checkbox "Reconnect at sign-in" checked, the drive will appear in your "This PC" window until you manually remove it.