How to: Manually change the password for the login keychain using Terminal on your Mac


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.


For a local account on your Mac, just change the password for the account and your login keychain password will also be changed. You don't need to follow the process below unless something isn't working right.

For TTU domain accounts, after you change your eRaider password, you first need to sync your cached password on your Mac with the TTU domain. Then, simply sign out of your Mac and sign in using the updated password. You will be prompted to change your login keychain password. Follow the process to update the keychain password. If that is successful, you won't need to use the process below unless something isn't working right.

1) Open the Terminal app.

2) Type the following command press return on your keyboard.

security set-keychain-password

example screenshot

3) When prompted for the old password, type the current password for your login keychain and press return.

NOTE: The password will not appear in the Terminal window as you type it. This is normal.

example screenshot

4) When prompted for the new password, type the password that you wish to set for this keychain. Then, press return.

example screenshot

5) For confirmation, type the password from the previous step again and press return.

example screenshot


Your login keychain password has been changed.