How to: Manage a course in Small Class Portal (for provost)


1) Choose a course.

A) Choose the college you need to review.

B) Choose the period you would like to view.

C) Make sure "AwaitingProvost" is selected.

D) If you have made changes to the search filters, then click Apply Filter.

E) Browse the course list, and click Manage next to the course you would like to change.

example screenshot

2) Apply a decision for the course.

A) Choose your decision regarding the course.

B) Type comments regarding your decision.

C) Click Save Decision if you are satisfied with your choice.

D) Click Refer Back to Dean if you believe the dean needs to review the course again.

E) Click Return to Results if you would like to cancel your decision and return to the search results.

example screenshot

3) If you clicked Refer Back to Dean in the previous step, then complete the following actions.

A) Type a custom message to the dean regarding the course.

B) Submit your decision to the dean. A confirmation box will come up and will ask you to confirm your decision.

C) If you do not want to submit your decision to the dean, then click Return to Record. This will cancel your decision.

example screenshot