How to: Make, receive, and manage video calls in Skype for Business on your iPhone or iPad


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Start a video call

1) Tap Contacts.

example screenshot

2) Find the person in your Contacts list or type their name into the search box.

example screenshot

3) When you find the contact, tap their name. Then, tap the video camera icon to start a video call.

example screenshot

NOTE: When you make a video call, you have the option of using your front or back camera. If the person you're calling doesn't have a camera or chooses not to turn on their video, their video won't be viewable, but you can still hear them. The other person can still see your video even if they don't turn on their video.

Receive a video call

Tap Accept to accept an incoming video call. Tap Decline to decline the incoming video call.

example screenshot

Manage a video call

Tap the video camera icon, and then do one of the following:

  1. Stop my Video to turn off your video, but still see another person's video.
  2. Stop my Mic to turn off your microphone, but still hear the other person.
  3. More to see more options.
  4. End call.
  5. Speaker/AirPlay to project the audio to another device.

example screenshot

When you're in video call, tap the "more" icon (horizontal ellipsis) to do the following:

  • Add participants to the video call.
  • Keypad to open the keypad and type other numbers.
  • Transfer call to another contact or number.
  • Hold call to mute both mics and turn off cameras.

example screenshot


You will be able to start, receive, and manage a video call on your mobile device.