How to: Locate hardware address on your printer, smart TV, gaming console, or other special device


Generally, you can locate the hardware address on a device by following a few different methods:

TIP: Depending on the manufacturer, the hardware address might be labeled as one of the following: Ethernet address, physical address, adapter address, Ethernet ID, MAC, or MAC address. When following the methods below, please look for any of these labels to find the hardware address.

  • Some devices have a label or sticker on the side or the bottom of the device with the hardware address.
  • Navigate to the settings, connection, network, system information, or menu section of your device. Sometimes the hardware address will be displayed in one of these sections.
  • Look at the device manual. It may provide instructions on how to locate the hardware address.
  • If you are trying to find the hardware address for a printer, print out a configuration page. It should contain the hardware address.

Here are some instructions for common devices: