How to: Join a Skype for Business meeting on an iPhone or iPad


1) Open the Skype for Business app.

example screenshot

2) On the main screen, look for meetings coming up soon under the heading "Upcoming". You may tap Join next to the meeting that you would like to join.

example screenshot

TIP: You can also tap the calendar icon in the top right-hand corner to see all of the items on your TechMail calendar.

example screenshot


Depending on how you set your VoIP call options, one of the following happens:

  • You will be connected to audio or video using VoIP either by using Wi-Fi (if you connected to a Wi-Fi network) or your cellular data plan.
  • Skype for Business calls you on your mobile phone. You can answer the call on your mobile phone, at which point you will be connected to the meeting.

TIP: You can change this by tapping your profile icon (avatar) in the top left-hand corner of the app and then tapping Settings.