How to: Install MATLAB for Linux users


MATLAB's full installation instructions can be found at (This assumes you are running in a Gnome, KDE desktop, or via X-windows):

MATLAB will run either as a terminal application or as an X-windows GUI app on Linux. Currently the install package for Linux comes as a .zip archive. Typically, you will need to unzip it and run the install shell script; if you run it as root, it can be installed so any user on the system can run MATLAB. Note that the installation script for Linux may be called either install or

MATLAB installation via GUI-based installer is identical to installation to that for macOS and Windows. Note that the "Typical" installation does not add a link to MATLAB in any of the standard path folders; the default is to install MATLAB into /usr/local/MATLAB. To add a soft link to MATLAB in a standard path folder (/usr/local/bin e.g.) , select Custom Install and check Create symbolic links to Matlab scripts in as you go through the installation.

If you do the "typical" installation, you'll want to add a link afterwards manually with something like,
ln -s /usr/local/MATLAB/R2012b/bin/matlab /usr/local/bin/matlab. This so users can start MATLAB with just Matlab & rather than needing the full path.

NOTE: For installing in a non-GUI environment sach as a simple SSH terminal, see MATLAB's solution ID 1-9VXDYZ:

NOTE: For system administrators installing on multiple machines, see MATLAB's solution ID 1-184HZ: