How to: Insert a link into a knowledge article in ServiceNow


TIP: When linking to resources in the same ServiceNow instance where you are placing your article, do not use a full URL path beginning with http or https. In other words, use relative links instead of absolute links whenever possible.

To link to a knowledge article within ServiceNow, link to /, where NUMBER is the article number.

To link to a catalog item within ServiceNow, link to /sp?id=sc_cat_item&sys_id=SYSID, where SYSID is the sys_ID of the catalog item.

Do not specify a target when linking to resources on the same ServiceNow instance. This may read something like "Open link in". However, if you are linking to content on another website, specify the target as New window (_blank).

To link to an email address, type mailto: followed by the email address (for example,

To link to a phone number, type tel: followed by the telephone number (for example, tel:18067422011).

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