How to: Get assistance with TTU Unified Communications, the campus phone system, and Skype for Business


Legacy phone system (Nortel) or fax lines

All inquires regarding analog fax lines, the legacy and/or analog telephone system (POTS), or Nortel/Norstar phones at TTU should be referred to IT Help Central. IT Help Central will provide assistance or will assign an issue in your name to Telecommunications. Telecommunications can provide any advanced assistance needed or will work with Communication Services as needed.

Unified Communications (UC) and Skype for Business

For assistance with VoIP, UC, UC Fax, Skype for Business, or Polycom phones, you may try searching for an answer in askIT at or checking You may also contact IT Help Central for assistance. IT Help Central will provide assistance, or they may assign an issue in your name to Telecommunications for any advanced or server-side assistance that is needed.


The appropriate department will render assistance.