How to: Get a disabled eRaider account re-enabled automatically by re-establishing affiliation w/ Texas Tech


If your eRaider account was disabled because your affiliation with Texas Tech appeared to have ended, the account will automatically be re-enabled after affiliation with Texas Tech has been re-established, if you are a student, faculty member, or staff member. No action has to be taken; the process is automated.

NOTE: The process can take overnight before it is effective.

EXAMPLE: If affiliation is re-established because of a change in your employee or student records, your eRaider account will not be re-enabled until the next day.

As a student, you maintain affiliation by enrolling in classes.

If your account was already deleted according to the regular account maintenance schedule, a new eRaider account will be created automatically.

Some special accounts types do not have affiliation automatically established but must be manually established by contacting the appropriate campus IT service desk. Examples of these account types are:

  • Business partner
  • Research partner


As long as you have a current affiliation with Texas Tech, you will have an eRaider account without having to take any action.