How to: Erase all data from your mobile device through Outlook on the web


Your mobile device frequently stores sensitive data. It should be guarded closely to prevent information from being stolen or misused. When you replace a mobile device with a new one, or if your device is missing or stolen, you should consider wiping (erasing) the information off of the old device and removing the device from the list of mobile devices in your TechMail account.

It's possible for a remote device wipe to not only delete all synchronized TechMail account information (email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes), it can also delete all information and personal data on any internal storage (i.e., complete device erasure). In effect, it can set the device back to its factory settings. No user interaction is required on the device to complete the remote wipe. The options available depend upon various factors. No user interaction is required on the device to complete the remote wipe.

To execute a remote device wipe, follow the steps below.

1) Sign in to Outlook on the web.

2) In the top right-hand corner, click the settings cog (gear icon).

example screenshot

3) The settings menu contains a search field. Type "mobile" into the field. When the list of results appears, click Manage mobile devices.

example screenshot

4) Hover your mouse pointer over the device that you would like to erase. Then, click the "Wipe" icon on the far right.

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5) You will see different possible screens. One option may ask if you want to wipe Outlook, Android, or some other device/app name. If you want to proceed, simply click Save on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

NOTE: This will erase all data from your device related to your TechMail account, such as email messages. You may not be able to undo this action.

example screenshot

Another possible screen will give you two options: wiping all data from the device or wiping only data related to the account (i.e., email, calendar, contacts, etc.). Choose your preferred option, and then click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.

CAUTION: Choosing "Wipe all data" will completely erase all data from the device (i.e., factory reset). You may not be able to undo this action! Do not choose "Save" unless you are reconciled to losing everything on the mobile device. Choosing "Wipe only data related to this account" will only delete data on your device related to your Microsoft 365 account, such as downloaded email messages.

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The screen in Outlook on the web will show that the wipe is pending until it's completed.

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If you change your mind, you can cancel the pending wipe if you catch it before it occurs.

Once the wipe is complete, data on the mobile device has been erased and the relationship between the device and your TechMail account has been broken. You may also receive an email message confirming that the wipe was successful.

example screenshot

TIP: After completing a remote device wipe, you should remove the device from the list. If the device was misplaced and is recovered, it cannot be synchronized with the TechMail servers until the old partnership has been removed and a new one established.

NOTE: If you ever need to add the device back, you can do so by initiating synchronization again from the device (i.e., set up your TechMail account on the device again).