How to: Email a student or entire class using Raiderlink


1) Browse to If prompted for credentials, sign in using your eRaider account.

2) Click either the Faculty or the Advisor tab. Under the "Faculty Links" channel or "Advisor Links" channel, click Class List.

example screenshot

3) Choose the term of the class, and then choose the class that you wish to email.

If no sections are assigned to you for the selected term, you may enter the CRN directly.

example screenshot

4) The list of students should now be displayed. You can email an individual student by clicking the email icon example screenshot by a student's name, or you may email the entire class by scrolling to the bottom of the web page and clicking the Display Email List button.

example screenshot

5) If you clicked the Display Email List button, the web page will refresh. Scroll to the bottom again and you will see a box containing the email addresses of all of the class members. The email addresses have been pre-formatted with semicolons separating them for your convenience.

To email the entire class, start by selecting all of the addresses by dragging with your mouse. Alternatively, you may click in the box and press Ctrl+A in Windows or command+A on your Mac to perform a "select all" command. Next, copy the addresses using the Copy command, and paste them into the "Bcc" line of your favorite email client software. (Using the Bcc line instead of the To line will prevent students in the class from using "Reply All" to reply to all the students in the class, or from obtaining the email addresses of everyone in the class.)

example screenshot


By copying and pasting the email addresses for the members of the course, you can email those students from your favorite email software.