How to: Eject an optical disc from your Mac


Eject an optical disc during startup

Hold down the mouse button while you hear the startup chime. Keep holding until the optical disc ejects from the drive.

NOTE: If your Apple device has an eject key, you can hold down this key before the startup chime until the disc is ejected.

TIP: Some optical drives have a manual eject hole. You will need a paper clip or an object with the same size as a paper clip. Insert the object into the eject hole; once it is pressed, the drive will manually release the disc.

Eject an optical disc

To eject an optical disc, you can drag the optical disc to the Trash and this will execute a command to the system to eject your disc.

You can also select the optical disc that you want to eject and press command+E. This is the shortcut key sequence to eject a disc in macOS.


The optical disk will be ejected.