How to: Edit the list of approvers for a moderated TechMail distribution list


TechMail distribution lists can be configured such that incoming messages will be reviewed by a moderator before they're delivered to the group. The individuals designated as moderators by the list administrator(s) can approve or reject incoming messages. If you are the list owner, follow the instructions below to change who the moderators are for a distribution list.

1) Contact IT Help Central with the following details:

  • The display name of the distribution list
  • The email address of the distribution list
  • Specify that message approval (moderation) is already enabled for the list
  • The TechMail addresses of those to which you wish to grant moderator privileges
  • The TechMail addresses of those for which you wish to remove moderator privileges

2) IT Help Central will assign an issue in your name to email administrators with the details of your request.


If approved, the distribution list changes will take effect and the list can now be moderated by the individuals you listed.